LB Gschwandtner
LB Gschwandtner

I’m Under A Bizarre Wildlife Attack (or the raccoons here came from MIT)

For years it was squirrels. Now don’t argue with me here. They are not cute. They are nasty tree rats that will eat anything and everything … anywhere. They will get into your attic or crawl spaces, poop on your rafters, carry in acorns and nest above where you sleep. In the middle of the night they’ll start leaping around somewhere over your bed and you’ll have a heart attack. All because they are nasty critters.

But that was before the raccoons arrived.

Now I like animals as much as anyone. I feed the birds and keep the birdbath filled. I don’t shoot at anything and when I have to relocate an animal I do it with a havaheart trap that is harmless. HOWEVER …

The first morning I found my hummingbird feeders not only empty but moved from where they were hanging when I went to bed, of course I blamed my husband as the first and most obvious course of action.

“Why did you move all five hummer feeders last night?” I stood over his bed as he was still asleep.

“Huh?” Rubbing his eyes.

“The feeders … why did you move them?”

“What feeders?” Sitting up, looking lost.

“Oh please. That is such a lame excuse.” Irately delivered. And also totally wrong.

He had no idea how they got moved. So I simply tucked this away, refilled them and moved them back to original position.

And the next night it happened again. Except this time one had been knocked to the ground and chewed apart. Ok, I got it. WAR. But with who or what?




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